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Coronavirus Plague Update

Kent Arboreal are continuing to work through the Coronavirus pandemic under the following circumstances:

We work alone and only taking on jobs that can be carried out safely by one person.

We sanitise throughout the day.

We insist the client remain five metres or further from us, preferably they remain inside.

We will not go in your house.

We will not accept drinks or food.

We will not request it either.

We will only accept payment by card or bacs.

We will not accept cash payments at this time.

These guidelines are in accordance with current government advice and it has been confirmed by the government to the Arb Association that our industry are legally allowed and able to work during the lockdown period as long as proper social distancing is adhered to.

Kent Arboreal

Landscapes, Fencing, Tree Work

Faversham, Whitstable, Canterbury

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