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Cutting Hedges, Pressure Washing & Filling Diaries

We’ve been doing a lot of hedge cutting work lately, it’s that time of year when they grow like triffids. The tools we use for hedge work are a Cobra long reach hedge cutter, powered by Kawasaki so super reliable, a Fiskars extra long reach pole cutter, and a little Stihl MS170 chainsaw, perfect for squeezing intI right gaps whilst still poky enough to cut through anything up to 12 inches in diameter. For the really fiddly bits we also have a lithium ion battery powered micro chainsaw from Bosch which is a bit of a pocket rocket. Like the chainsaw version of the noisy cricket in Men in Black.

On top of this we’ve obviously done the usual tree felling, and also a lot of pressure washing. We added a 14 horsepower very high pressure jet wash to our arsenal a few months ago and it has so far definitely earned its keep.

in other news we’ve been drumming up more work with leaflet campaigns and answering enquiries through third party lead generation websites like . These are pretty good although we do have to pay quite a bit for the leads, and many turn out to be people who aren’t interested in having work done, just curious of cost. In one case someone had already done work himself and just wanted to find out how much he’d saved. As you can imagine, I was delighted to pay from my own pocket to tell him this. So these sites are great, but do remember they’re mostly small businesses so if you ask for them to contact you, do make sure you’re at least tentatively interested in actually having work done.


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