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Hedge Cutting: A Trim in Time Saves A Fortune

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Hedge cutting is fairly straight forward. A small hedge can be easily clipped with hand shears. It takes half an hour and isn't too taxing if you do it regularly, once every two months over the summer is plenty, you won't have to touch it at all over the winter when growth pauses, although given global warming, our concept of summer is changing.

Cutting large hedges is a different ball game and unless you have a lot of equipment it's best left to a tree surgeon or landscape gardener. These can require extended pole cutters, chainsaws, ladders, platforms and sometimes even cherry pickers, as well as the skills, training and experience to use these tools properly and more importantly, safely.

Of course large hedges can be a lot of work for these reasons, but the best looking and most cost effective way is to have them cut regularly, as you can imagine, the cost of trimming a few inches growth from a hedge and the cost of cutting 6 feet of growth are very different, not to mention a regularly maintained hedge looks great, a neglected one looks a mess. On top of all this, even after cutting, a neglected hedge will still look a mess until it begins to regrow as the greenery is in the outside few inches of the hedge, and indeed some species will never regrow properly if left to grow too long and cut back hard.

Kent Arboreal are fully equipped to work on all sizes and types of hedge, we've even done hedge mazes and gargantuan yew hedges for stately homes.

Kent Arboreal provide professional tree surgery, hedge cutting, and garden clearance services in East Kent, Thanet and Medway. We are fully insured and excellent value for money.

As well as being tree surgeons, Kent Arboreal are also bloggers, writing regular blogs of wildly varying quality on all things arboreal.

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