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Acting out on Twitter. What you think you should do vs what actually works.

Twitter is an excellent tool for creating leads. But not the way you think. Twitter ads? Come on, get real. Who in the H E double hockeysticks is impulse buying on Twitter these days? Promoted posts? Nope. These come across exactly as disingenuous as they are. Nobody cares about them, you are charged for interactions, most of which are people trolling your stupid promoted tweet.

So all that paid stuff is useless unless you have the marketing budget of Coca Cola. So what do you do?

You Tweet. A lot.

Ok I get it, like about offers we have on. Discounts. Services we do.

You'd think. But Nope. People are scrolling through Twitter to be entertained. Nobody is being entertained by your dumb special offer.

So what do I tweet about?

Anything you like. You're a small business. You pride yourself on a personal touch. Be human. None of this "views expressed don't necessarily reflect those of Kent Aboreal" nonsense. That's a cop out. Be bold. Be brave. Be different. Everybody seems to be preaching diversity right now, but that ought to also encompass diversity of thought and expression. Don't be afraid to offend people. They don't care nearly as much as they claim to. Take the boycott of advertisers on GB News. How many people do you really believe will never touch those brands again? I would hazard a guess that most won't even last a fortnight, and those that do will do so because they never bought them in the first place. But how much publicity did they achieve? LOADS.

So where does this lead to profit? I feel like there is a step missing.

This gets you exposure, which in turn gets you followers who think like you. By all means tweet about work once in a while, because by then your followers will be familiar with you and more able to relate, even if they still don't buy anything. But as that grows, so it feeds back into your SEO. People wonder about who this guy is, so they check your, insta, your Facebook, Google you, your sites getting hits, they're linking to it when they talk to you. Then BAM. your ranking improves, people who want a service find you and make contact, and your social media experience s a business can be fun, not a crushing grind.

Kent Arboreal are professional hard and soft landscapers from Canterbury

We offer paving, turfing, hedge cutting, grass cutting, land clearance, tree work, maintenance contracting and much more.

Call us free on 0800 772 0159


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