Tree Surgery and Hedge Cutting

Tree Surgery

Kent Arboreal have years of experience working with trees and hedges in the wider Canterbury district area. We are proud of our excellent customer ratings. We are able to undertake all kinds of tree work, be that reductions and pruning, or removal, and anything in between. Often the most challenging projects are the most enjoyable, and we do enjoy solving the puzzles that come wih accessing and working with trickier trees.

We have for many years worked with local councils and authorities, letting agents and private customers to provide the highest quality  tree surgery services in Canterbury. We later branched out into tree surgery services in Whitstable, and now also provide tree surgeons in Faversham and tree surgeons in Herne Bay. For many years Kent Arboreal have been among the best known tree surgeons in Canterbury and our reputation has followed us as we've expanded.

In the beginning Kent Arboreal were a small company that provided tree surgeons in Canterbury, mostly to the domestic market. We specialised in tree pruning in Canterbury in particular due to the high student population. Often nowadays we find ourselves pruning the same trees every year on behalf of student landlords and letting agents.

Since then the company has expanded and now covers a larger catchment area, offering tree surgery in Whitstable, tree surgery in Faversham, and tree surgery in Herne Bay.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting is our bread and butter and by far and away the thing  that people enquire about most often. Where as a tree can take years before it needs any kind of work on it, if it ever does at all, hedges are a different beast. They generally require at the very least one cut a year, and many are very tricky to access. Specialist tools are as always a must, and can make light work of the most daunting of jobs. Often what may be an impossible undertaking for the hedge owner, may only take a matter of a few hours or even less for trained and experienced professionals with the right equipment.

There are various reasons that a hedge cutting job might be a bit tricky and here are a few;

A hedge or part of a hedge may be difficult to access

A hedge may be of a species that is sensitive to over cutting

Thick hedges may require specialist equipment such as chainsaws to cut through.

Some hedges may be especially tall and so difficult to cut

Some hedges, particularly those made up of native British species such as hawthorn, blackthorn etc, may be better suited to "laying" which is a traditional technique which encourages thick healthy hedges and is better for encouraging native wildlife habitats for creatures such as hedgehogs.

Kent Arboreal for many years have worked with local councils and authorities, letting agents and private customers to provide the highest quality soft Hedge cutting service.