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Bonfire Night Tree Safety

Guy Fawkes Night is right around the corner. The British celebrate the failed attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up parliament with bonfires and fireworks. Fireworks and in your yard are just some of the things people do to celebrate this historic event. However it needs to be done responsibly. According to the United States National Fire Protection Association study issued last year, over 15,000 firework-induced fires were reported. Not only can these fires result in significant property damage, but also cause injury to you or a loved one. So while you, your friends and family celebrate, make sure you have taken precautions necessary if you plan on setting off a few fireworks or lighting a bonfire.

Do you have dead, dying or fallen trees in your back yard? Call a tree surgeon for a free estimate to have the tree removed. This will prevent any unnecessary problems if fireworks or sparks fly in that direction.

Do you have any deadwood or brush that needs to be removed?  A good tree surgeon can assist in removing any deadwood or brush that could be potentially hazardous during the bonfire night festivities.

Do you have any overgrowth that needs that needs to be cut back or even removed? Not only can overgrowth upset the ambiance of a barbecue, but it can also “fuel the fire” if the overgrowth is out of hand.Contact a certified arborist to have this seen to

 Stay Safe! There are many things to consider before hosting your 5th November get-together and tree care should be an important factor in the decision making process. Celebrate this year’s bonfire night with ease and schedule your tree maintenance now.

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