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Boris Reminds Us That It Is OK To Work

As you know we have kept trading throughout the seven weeks of lockdown so far, and have been perfectly entitled to do so according to the guidelines set out by the government. Sadly this has not meant that we haven't had to endure rather a lot of heckling from a large minority who have, in seven weeks, failed to comprehend a simple, clearly written, one page document. The grandest irony being that according to this document, the hecklers had less right to be out than we did. Yesterdays announcement effectively told us that nothing had changed although it has been billed as a change of tack by the SNP, and "confusing" by Labour, but that ought to be taken with a pinch of salt as the Labour Party have been confused since 2010.

See you at work!

Above: Boris hammers home the point for the benefit of the hard of understanding

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Kent Arboreal are certified arborists in Kent, UK. We have offices in Canterbury and between us hold decades of experience. We write about trees and things.

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