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Dealing With Aphids on Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are generally low maintenance and provide spectacular blossoms in the spring as well as delicious fruit in the summer. One thing with cherry trees is that you must keep an eye out for aphids. They can cluster around blossoms and areas of new growth and cause problems. I think this is really interesting as the reason for this is because ants eat the aphid larvae and so the ants effectively "farm" the aphids by feeding them and encourage them to proliferate.

To get rid of the aphids on cherry trees and other plants spray with a dilute mixture of washing up liquid and water. To completely solve the problem you need to get rid of the ants, then the aphids will follow. You can do this either with ant traps or by pouring boiling water in the nest. If the nest is near plants dont do this as the boiling water will kill them too.

Also, dont prune the cherry unless necessary as they are prone to fungal infection. If you do prune it, do so in summer to minimise the risk.

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