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Faversham Tree Surgery

For the past fortnight we have been working in Faversham, removing a windblown tree from a property in Oare, on the Swale marshes , cutting a leylandii hedge in the centre of Faversham, another leylandii in boughton, and removing two conifers from a garden in Faversham.

The windblown tree was fairly straightforward, the trunk had snapped and was disconnected from the root ball which meant that there was no risk of springback. Sometimes in these cases if the trunk is still connected, then the release of weight from the crown can cause the trunk to spring back to an upright position. This sometimes happens over the course of a few hours or days, and sometimes in an instant. Of course this adds an element of danger to the removal of trees like this, which is why you should always contact a professional tree surgeon to deal with these cases.

kent arboreal tree surgery
Kent Arboreal professional tree surgery, hedge cutting and garden clearance

Kent Arboreal provide professional tree surgery, hedge cutting, and garden clearance services in East Kent, Thanet and Medway. We are fully insured and excellent value for money.

As well as being tree surgeons, Kent Arboreal are also bloggers, writing regular blogs of varying quality on all things arboreal.

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