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Halloween Trees Are A Thing Now

Christmas trees have been around since the Victorians. In fact the firs Christmas tree in the UK was bought for Queen Victoria by her husband Prince Albert. So tinsel clad spruce trees are nothing new. But Halloween trees? Really?

Obviously they've come from America, the land that taste forgot, but do you know what? Who cares about taste? I think it sounds like an excellent idea. You can get a little one from John Lewis setting you back only £25, although being that it is John Lewis, there isn't much tree for that £25. For half that you can get something similar in appearance but which will last probably no more than 8 minutes from Home Bargains. I think the best idea though is to decorate your own. I'd suggest mounting some hazel branches on a plinth annd decorating with orange lights and perhaps some skull baubles. I'm sure you can buy skull baubles somewhere. Wilkinsons or The Range probably.

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