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How do you look after new turf?

Once you've laid new turf, the job isn't finished yet.Freshly laid turf needs extra care to make sure it doesn't dry out, shrink, or fail to take root in the substrate. The key to all of this?


Lots and lots of water.

Water it a couple of times a day in the morning and evening, avoiding the hottest part of the day in summer time as direct sunlight can be magnified through water droplets and cause the grass to burn. This soaking will keep it from drying, stop shrinkage, and most importantly provide the roots with a good supply of water until they have taken root in the subsoil and begun to tap their own moisture supply from the ground.

Dont mow it for 6 weeks after laying as this also gives it a chance to take root strongly.

Finally, try to stay off it a much as possible until the roots have bound into the ground. This wil ensure the surface remains even and level.

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