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How To Remove Thorns From Skin

Getting thorns in your skin can be quite painful and if you dont remove them quickly then they can become infected. There are several different ways ranging from using fingers, tweezer, sucking on the thorn, but there is one great hack for when all else fails. Nasty brittle thorns like blackthorn and pyracantha can be a nightmare to get out of the skin, so here is a great trick to get thorns out of your hands.

How To Get Out Thorns and Splinters

So basically, you're going to vacuum the thorn or splinter out of your skin. First, get a medicine syringe like the ones that come in children's medicines. Now push the plunger right the way down then put the hole over the thorn or splinter and push against the skin. Whilst retaining this pressure, pull the plunger up on the syringe, this will create a powerful suction over the thorn and draw it right out of your skin.

You're Welcome.

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