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Local Garden Clerance Experts

We have been in the business of clearing gardens for over a decade. Sometimes they are just a bit overgrown and need a good cut back, sometimes they need completely clearing, sometimes they are the stuff of nightmares! Over the years we've seen them all, and whatever they are like at the start, it is always very satisfying to see how much space is created. The most common thing that customers mention when we clear their garden is how much more light there is. Because gardens become overgrown relatively slowly, it can often be the case that you just don't notice when it has blocked out the light, but because most clearances only take a day or two the difference is pretty much instant.

Most customers we clear gardens for vow to keep on top of things when they see how much we remove, although we do work on some student let properties where we return every year to clear the same jungle that we removed last year!

If you need a garden clearance service in the Canterbury area then get in touch for a free estimate on 0800 772 0159.

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