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Shed Removal in Faversham, and Why You Should Always Look Hard Before You Take Jobs!

Today was good fun, we removed an old shed and felled four small trees for a nice young couple who had just bought a house in the Faversham area. A straightforward say for two blokes, made more straightforward by the fact that when I priced it, I had a bloody good look at the shed.

We've been in business over ten years now so we've taken away a good few sheds, but last week we learnt our lesson not to get complacent. We priced to remove two old sheds from photographs we were sent, which is quite common at the moment what with social distancing. Unfortunately though, when we turned up the bigger of the two sheds turned out to have an asbestos roof. Bugger. So we decided just to take the other one then let the customer know about the asbestos and make a decision whether she wanted to leave it there or pay extra for a licensed asbestos firm to come in.

So we got to the other one and we were faced with a piece of history. It was an old Anderson Air Raid shelter, made from one big lump of solid corrugated steel. Not a join in sight. No way were we getting that out. So we had to give the bad news and go to do some work elsewhere. And thats why you should always look hard.

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