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Snapshot: Creating a Wildflower Meadow

In mid March we were contracted to create a wildflower meadow on a hillside in Oare. The site is very sunny with beautiful panoramic views over Oare Marshes to Faversham, and out to the Thanmes Estuary and the Swale.The job was made trickier by lack of access and the gradient, meaning that it was inaccessible for heavy plant. This left us only one option. Dig it out by hand!

The site itself is over half an acre, so this was a major undertaking but in a week, three of us using, mattocks, barrows, spades, and shovels managed to clear the surface to a depth of 100mm, create raised turf pathways around the perimeter, and rotovate the entire area.

One hell of a job!

Kent Arboreal are professional hard and soft landscapers from Canterbury

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