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Snapshot: Magnolia Pruning and Shaping in Dartford

We made the short trip down the M2 to Dartford to prune and shape a beautiful established magnolia tree. It was a miserable rainy and cold day but we somehow managed to complete the job in the only window of clear weather all day. Having done a small leylandii hedge in the morning and managed the same thing it felt like we had luck on our side. The tree had been pruned a few years earlier so handily there were obvious pruning points for most of the cuts. Magnolia is a lovely soft and easily cut wood so we were able to do most of the job from the ground with our 23 foot loppers. It needed about 8 feet of the top having bolted for the sun as it is situated in a fairly shady spot, so a short climb of about 20 feet at the end to tidy up some of the thicker branches with the silky then back down to Earth to tidy up and admire our work.

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