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Tree Surgery at a Stately Home in Bridge

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Tree Surgery isn't all clambering around in the tree tops, and Kent Arboreal, as well as many other tree surgeons, do plenty of hedge cutting too. The hedges in Higham Park, in the hills outside of Bridge, near Canterbury, are very special indeed. Surrounding what is known as the Italian Garden, are yew hedges cut into big turrets, in places twenty five feet high. There was a lot of hedge to cut, but it was a very enjoyable job as we got to spend our working day in the grounds of a beautiful stately home.

Higham Park has a very interesting history and was owned by Count Louis Zuborowski, and the Bee Gees at various times. Count Zuborowski created the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that inspired the famous movie. While we were working there we discovered something else too. Apparently he had enjoyed playing practical jokes on his friends. Many of these involved live grenades. I know. Mental!

The groundskeeper there told us that a previous company that had cut the hedge had found a live grenade tied to a branch in the hedge, the remains of one of the Counts "hilarious" jokes. He only told us AFTER we'd finished mind you. Apparently the bomb disposal people had to come and defuse it and then check for more.

I wonder why the firm that did it before us didn't come back?!!!

Kent Arboreal provide professional tree surgery, hedge cutting, and garden clearance services in East Kent, Thanet and Medway. We are fully insured and excellent value for money.

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