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Stihl Launches New All Rounder

Stihl has introduced the MS 194 T, a new chainsaw that replaces the popular MS 193 T model, offering a higher performance cutting ability for professional tree surgeons and arborists.  

Stihl said,

"Powered by STIHL’s innovative 2-MIX engine, the MS 194 T not only offers more displacement, power and torque without an increase in weight (3.30 kg), but also ensures significantly reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The new arborist saw is ideally suited for crown lifts, reductions and smaller tree removal.

The MS 194 T comes as standard with the STIHL 1/4 " Picco Micro (PM3) full chisel saw chain and a guide bar length of 30cm. This chain is specially designed to ensure less kick back, lower vibration levels and a smooth and efficient cut. "

This saw is between the MS 151 T and the MS 201 T models, and it is a really great all-round arborist saw.


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