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The Forester's Christmas Dream

Winter is a busy time of year in the forestry and tree surgery industry. December is a good time of year for tree cutting annd felling for many reasons. Birds aren't nesting, many tree species ar dormant and so it's a great time of year to cut them. That aside though, what we are all dreaming of is walking out into a snow covered forest, Mr Husqvarna by our side, and selecting a beautiful spruce to take home and decorate, dragging it home through thick snow.

Sadly that dream is unlikely to come true here in the UK, especially here in sunny Kent which is fast becoming like the South of France (c'mon, man, global warming is totally real!). If only we lived in Scandinavia. In fact in Norway at least one lucky sod gets to live out the fantasy, as every year Norway has donated a huge spruce tree to the UK to be erected in Trafalgar square as thanks for Britains contribution during the second world war.

Some have claimed that it is a bit thin this year and it has even been described as "embarrassing". Surely those feeling any sense of embarrassment ought to be those taking to Twitter to complain about the massive free of charge gesture, going back 75 years commemorating the contributions of people who risked, and lost their lives for the good of the entire world. Social media does bring out the best in people, eh?!

Anyway, I digress. The point is that some lucky devil ad the privelege of cutting that beauty down, and I wish it was me!

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