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There Is Far More To Coronavirus Than We Are Being Told

Coincidences do not occur in groups. The most basic calculation of probabilities very soon gets you into the realms of one in a billion and more when the coincidences begin to stack up. In daily life, people generally are able to observe this, and are immediately sceptical, so why is it when it comes to governments and authorities, these coincidences are largely accepted with only a few suggesting the obvious, that in the most overwhelming likelihood, they are not coincidences, they are lies. Deference to authority against your better judgements and instincts is not in the interests of the population, although in the case of coronavirus, I do wonder if people prefer the lies to the even less palatable truth that is beginning to, oh so predictably, emerge. So here is an overview;

The virus emerged around November 2019 in Wuhan, and was played down by the Chinese government. Medics who initially warned against the virus and it's spread were threatened by the authorities and warned about the "danger of spreading rumours". This asonine rhetoric is continuing even now by oily Chinese diplomats peddling innocence and benevelence in the face of all accumalating evidence to the contrary.

Human to human transmission was detected very early on, and denied by China.

The first whistleblower in China was a healthy young medic who sadly died from the disease. He is one of a tiny minority of fatalities of healthy people under 40. He had previously been threatened by the state. This is one of those big coincidences that seem to follow the Chinese around.

The emergence of the virus was blamed on a so-called "wet market". These are quasi-medieval places which have no place in the modern world. They are dirty, crowded and cruel, easy places for nasty pathogens to appear. Rather conveniently this particular wet market was located 170 metres from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And so the coincidences accumulate.

The severity of the outbreak in China was played down from the start, with infection rates and death tolls vastly under-reported and revised upwards repeatedly.

So why are we being lied to about Covid 19 by our own governments?

This is the tricky one. My best guess is that behind the scenes things have played out in the following way;

Around November 2019 the Covid 19 pathogen was accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This was denied in the face of medics saying otherwise whilst attempts were made by the Chinese government to think up a narrative as to how the virus appeared in order to save face internationally. Big mistake that one.

Into December, China suppresses rumours of the disease's severity whilst building hospitals and quarantining the provinces most affected.

By this point the rest of the world's governments are aware via intelligence services what is occuring. The Chinese narrative is followed in spite of this as it is not yet known for sure if the virus is a bio-weapon and any diplomatic tensions could worsen a situation that may already in fact be World War 3.

President Trump openly and repeatedly hints that the virus is from the Wuhan lab, insisting on calling it "The Chinese Virus". An astonishing number of people saw this as racism or stupidity, blinkered by their own dislike of Trump. Trump can be racist and he can be stupid, but this was neither of those things. This was the president telling the Chinese that America knows where coronavirus came from.

America begins to openly state that the virus came from the lab.

All of this denial and covering up was being done by China either to simply save face after a monumental snafu, or more chillingly, to cover up the deliberate release of the Covid 19 pathogen. It was aided in this by the World Heath Organization, who have peddled the idea that China has been a beacon in this crisis, leading the way from the start. This odd sycophantism is largely due to it's Ethiopian leader having been strongly backed by China in order to gain his current position. He wouldn't want to bite the hand that fed him, even if that hand also killed millions through incompetence and vanity, or worse. The lack of integrity to be found at the top of every organisation is demoralisingly predictable. Whatever the true origins of the disease, currently governments are giving lip service to the Chinese account of events in order to prevent the escalation of the situation into either economic warfare, or even military action, at a time which neither would benefit the vast majority of countries.

I'm not sure that those things wouldn't benefit China in the long term, though.

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