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Tips For Looking After Fig Trees

Figs grow well in all situations and can withstand surprisingly cold temperatures. In fact they can grow a little too well. If you dont want it to be enormous then prune when needed and dont water it. Don't be afraid to go hard on fig trees, they are tough and can take hard pruning.

Fig trees also do well in pots, but beware they can quickly outgrow their container. To slow this down and keep a potted fig a reasonable size, pot it in a container that is well drained, filled with a mixture of sand gravel rocks and topsoil. No rich composts and fertilizers, you need to stress the fig to get it to stay manageable in size.

Once established it will provide you with lots of tasty fruit. Dont pick it too early, in the autumn next years figs will appear on the tree but they won’t develop and ripen until the following summer.

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