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Top End New Equipment Puts Kent Arboreal Mowing Services Out In Front

Following a week in which no less than THREE of our mowers breathed their last, we decided (were left with no choice but...) to bite the bullet and invest in some new machinery. After some research and a lot of advice, we sttled on replacing our old Toro recyclers with some shiny new Weibang Virtue SM PRO 53's. These mulchers are absolute beasts with the ability to chop through long wet grass and even twigs and brush, recycling the cuttings to fertilise the lawn and giving a high quality professional finish. They weigh 55kg which in lawn mower terms is like an elephant, but damn these things just don't let up. They make light work of the toughest lawns and their three speed gearbox means that thy can really let rip along in larger paddocks and similar.

These mowers were designed from the ground up in Britain and are produced and constructed to extremely robust tolerances. Everyone who has seen our new mowers so far, wants one! They aren't cheap, however, but ultimately you get what you pay for!

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