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Tree nets. When did they become a thing?!

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Tree nets have been quite a talking point recently, which is surprising because they weren't something particularly widely. So why are tree nets being used?

Because birds are nesting. Tree surgeons don't generally net trees but the idea is that developers can stop birds from nesting in them, and so tree surgeons can remove them without disturbing birds when the time comes.

But in England, with many developers covering hedges and trees with netting, nesting is becoming more difficult. The problem isn't the practice itself per se, it's the prolonged time that the trees remain netted.

It's an offence to destroy an active nest, but there are no laws against using nets to stop birds nesting in the first place.

The problem is that the netting can trap birds and animals and even be more dangerous than just cutting down the tree. It's just another case of money outcompeting integrity and doing the right thing. Good tree surgeons dont cut down trees with active nests, and they don't net them for long periods of time either.

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