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We Thought We Were Working on a Movie Set. How Wrong We Were!

This is a story from a few years ago, that I thought I would recount here so that both of the people who read this blog could have a chuckle. The year was 2017, the country had just historically voted to leave the European Union. Brexit was a new word that didn't yet annoy everyone in Britain, whichever side of the argument they were on. Those who voted leave were suprised and happy. Those who voted remain were surprised and angry. The leave voters had all kinds of reasons for their vote ranging from sensible well thought out reasoning on the effect of free movement of labour on domestic wage expectations, through to simplistic nonsense about foreigners on benefits. The remainers I suspect mostly just voted that way because they thought that otherwise their friends might think they were a bit racist.

Right anyway, now that I've alienated 48% of my potential customers, I'll crack on with the story. It began with a phone call from a chap claiming to be from a movie production company. They were filming a scene on the world famous White Cliffs of Dover, and required some land to be cleared of brambles etc. We agreed a price, and turned up a few days later to do the job. There were about 50 people there, mostly involved in erecting a huge gantry from scaffolding which they told us was for the lighting rig. I asked the guy who appeared to be in charge of the site what movie they were filming. He told me it was a British comedy about ski jumping, and that the opening scene was to be a stunt where a guy does a ski jump off of the white cliffs of Dover. It sounded strange but I thought they must know what they were doing. We cleared the area of land they had marked out and went home. For a few days afterwards we told everyone about how we'd worked on the set of this new ski jumping movie, until...

Until in the newspaper one morning, THIS appeared.

There was no ski jumping movie. We'd been duped into clearing the land for a 150 ft figure of Theresa May giving two fingers to Europe. It turned out it was a publicity stunt of some kind from Paddy Power. That's probably the weirdest job we've done.

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