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What Base Should I Use For Artificial Grass?

A lot of people are unsure how to construct a base for artificial turf. The best thing is to think of it as a patio without slabs, so it needs to be strong, have a solid edge and be levelled properly. You can construct an edge with cast concrete kerb stones or hardwood timber. Softwoods work too but will rot away much sooner. Fill in with MOT type 1 sub base, well whacked down to a depth of 100mm, on top of that you can use either sand or granite dust. We use granite dust as it can be compressed until very solid, but still worked flat with a screed rail. Using granite dust prevents any movement under the artificial lawn which can occur with a sand base. It is a little more expensive but not hugely and the difference is huge.. Once levelled ensure you cover with a weed proof membrane before laying the artificial lawn like you would a carpet.

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