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What We Can & Can't Do During Lockdown

So as outlined in our previous post, we are still working to some extent but social distancing guidelines have meant that we have had to change the ways in which we work. Primarily we are only doing jobs that we can do alone. So here is a list of Can do's and Can't do's for the forseeable future:

Yes We Can

Grass Cutting. We can continue with grass cutting as we can carry this out alone and without contact with customers or the public.

Garden Maintenance. We can keep maintaining gardens alone without social contact so the weeds need not think they are going to be able to take hold again just yet!

Hedge Cutting. We can continue with hedge cutting using long pole hedge cutters and telecopic pruners. We can't do major reductions however as these are twoor three man jobs and produce a lot of waste which we are currently having difficulty getting rid of due to tip site restrictions and social distancing policies.

Some Tree Pruning. We are able to carry out some tree pruning if it can be achieved from the ground with pole cutters and long telescopic loppers.

Coppicing. We can carry out coppicing due to the remote locations whilst working within social distancing guidelines. Forestry is also classed as a key industry under current guidelines.

Sorry But At The Moment We Can't

Larger Tree Works. Due to the nature of these jobs we are unable to carry this work out without coming into close contact with one another and so for now they are on hiatus.

Grounds Clearance. Due to a current lack of options for waste disposal we are unable to carry out grounds clearance at the moment unless chipping on site is an option.

Paving. urrently we are unable to reliably secure bulk deliveries of materials such as sand, paving stones, cement etc. Until this changes we can't do this.

Fencing. We buy our fencing directly from the manufacturer which allows us to offer superior quality materials for a similar cost to lower standard products available from DIY stores. Currently our supplier's factory and store is closed due to the Covid 19 Outbreak. Also disposal of old fencing is currently difficult due to unreliable opening of tip sites so until this changes we are unable to carry out fencing works. Some repairs may still be possible but new installations are currently not.

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