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When Should I Cut My Hedges?

Most hedges are best cut between October and March. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily at this time of year there are no birds nesting in the hedges. If you knowingly disturb a nesting bird this is actually a criminal offence so although hedges can be cut during nesting season, it is easier and safer to just ensure that you don't disturb birds by cutting at a time of year when the nests are not active. Should you decide to cut during nesting season and find a nest midway through the job, then you must stop immediately and not resume until the eggs are hatched and the fledglings have left. This means that you also run the risk of having an ugly half cut hedge for several weeks. Secondly hedges take more kindly to being cut whilst dormant over the Autumn and Winter periods and lastly there is less mess to clear up when deciduous species have shed their leaves.

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